FCBF Privacy Policy

Here is our privacy policy plain and simple:

  • We will delete any email or other personal information for marketing purposes we will unsubscribe you upon your request without delay.
  • We will only collect information that is necessary to deliver you what you are signing up for.
  • Deletion requests can be sent in writing by emailing info@forestcitybeerfest.com 
  • We will not sell, rent, or give your data to other companies to use for their own marketing or profiling purposes.
  • The only time we will transmit your personal information to another company is if we are using their service to deliver the Forest City Beer Fest marketing information you have explicitly signed up for. 
    • Specifically, when you sign up for our email newsletter, we enter your information into Mailchimp.
    • Mailchimp is a trusted service that does not use your information for anything other than sending out our email newsletters
    • You will always be able to safely unsubscribe from our email newsletter