Downtown London

We are proud to hold our event in Downtown London and to act as a showcase for the core's great businesses and venues. The Downtown London organization has been a supporter of the festival since our inception. They help us spread the word about the event and bring in visitors from far beyond the city limits. They are the presenting sponsor of Barhopping Into History walking tours with Kym Wolfe

START.CA is the internet service provider you wish you had been dealing with all this time. Their logo is a smiling face for a reason! You can talk to real people when you call them and they are also behind free Wi-Fi in the Downtown. We aren't sure what is faster: the speed of their connection or the quickness of their customer service. is this year's sponsor for our souvenir glasses. Their support means that we can raise even more donations for Growing Chefs . Proceeds from the glasses and other souvenir items will help support the mission of Growing Chefs to raise a sustainable generation of food-literate kids.




Harrison Pensa is a longtime supporter of the festival. They are a premier legal services firm in Downtown London. Their offices are packed with wonderful people and personalities and we value the support and guidance they have given us over the years.

Harrison Pensa isn't only a supporter of the festival - they are a friend of the beer industry in other real & meaningful ways. They have played an important role in fighting for the rights of local breweries to do business. They have helped fight and win against unfair regulations & regulatory red tape. Harrison Pensa has literally helped us enjoy local beer more easily - cheers to that!

Night Owls Designated Drivers

Drinking and driving is no joke. We all know to plan ahead and play it safe, but sometimes you drive and end up having one too many. Night Owls does something that Taxis and Uber cannot do: they will get you home safe as well as your own vehicle. Night Owls has supported us for many years and they will help you out too when you need to get back home safe and sound. 

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London Business Forms

Looking good isn't enough. You need to get that logo out there and into the world. The LBF Group helps us do that by handling our printing needs for us. We have printed a lot of things over the years and our experience has been phenomenal.

The flyest flyers. The most primo posters. Badass banners. You name it, they do it. Give them a call.


The OCB helps to grow and represent the Ontario Craft Beer industry and fight for the rights of its members. Many of the brewers we feature at the festival are members of the Association. They support us in our mission to help elevate craft beer and raise the profile of Ontario brewers.

Their website is chock-full of resources for beer lovers, including maps for touring the province and checking out your favourite breweries in person.